Jan 152022

Happy New Year, dear readers :)

I haven’t been the most regular blogger these past few months, but I have been quite busy, making paper products, rather than working on origami! I make paper bags and pillow boxes and of late, this has been quite popular on my Facebook Page. So I have been inundated with orders to make these bags and boxes. I was also fascinated by the work of my friends on their website. Read it and use it!

literary leaf earrings - paper jewelryIn addition to this, I have also been working on my origami jewelry. My favourite and most time-consuming one has been these leaf earrings. Each cluster is made up of 15 leaves, each leaf measuring 0.5 inch in length. Folding these leaves was an amazing lesson in patience! I worked completely with tweezers and tooth picks, for a total of 3.5 hours, to make these earrings. The earrings measure about 2.5 inches in length and are super-light. These are now listed on my new Etsy page.

Handmade paper bags In addition to origami jewelry, I have been making quite a few paper bags, from handmade paper and scrapbooking paper. These bags measure 6*4 inches in size and are very colourful to look at. Every time I make these bags, I have to force myself to give them to my clients! With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, I am now making valentine-themed bags, which look absolutely adorable :) More pictures on my Facebook Page.

Black and White - Pillow boxesAnd finally, pillow boxes are also in demand. Right now, I am working on an order to make 50 boxes. Making such large quantities of handmade goods is tiring, which I am learning to my dismay! But these boxes are perfect for small gifts like jewelry, and add a beautiful touch of elegance, even to the simplest gifts. So I think I will get a whole lot more orders and I better find out more efficient ways of making them!

Finally, I am trying to understand Google+ pages. I have now created a page for Paper N Pearlz – my unsightly page link is - https://plus.google.com/113442568918291688552, but apparently, I am now eligible for a vanity URL, which I can claim when I want. I am yet to understand the repercussions of claiming a custom URL, though I do understand that Google can make it chargeable in the future. If you are on Google+, please do +1 Paper N Pearlz. I have also added a Google+ badge at the top of the page and hopefully that should make the process easier :)

And with that I come to the end of my first post for this new year :)