Jul 052022
Stand In The Corner Box

The Stand in the Corner of the Desk Drawer Box (Whew! That is a mouthful!) is deceptively simple box/pen stand designed by Thoki Yenn, the well known designer of origami magic rings. The stand is folded from a A4 sheet. I would suggest regular copy paper or something thicker for folding this model. Copy paper results in a pretty good stand, but the best stand is from scrapbooking paper (160 gsm or more). Some things [Continued..]

Jan 082022
Gift Box

This gift box, designed by Robin Glynn, is yet another of his economical designs. The entire box, including the closure at the top, is made from a single square of paper. A 6-inch square gives a small box (about 2 inches in size, 1 inch in depth) that would be a good size for a ring, or a pair of small earrings. A bigger square, say 8 inches, results in a slightly bigger box, about [Continued..]

May 282021
Masu Box Lid - Tutorial

After the tutorial for making the masu box, here is the tutorial for the lid The lid is made from a square the same size as the base. In spite of that, it needs to be slightly larger than the base so that it fits well. And I like my lid to be of a lesser height, so that it is easy to open the box. So with a few changes to the masu box, [Continued..]

May 242021
Masu Box - Tutorial

When I had posted these masu boxes earlier, a friend of my mother’s, a very creative lady herself, had remarked on my Facebook page that these boxes very amazingly beautiful Well, that gave me quite a high! And got me busily working on the tutorial that I had promised in the post. On an aside – If you have followed my previous tutorials, I usually make them from Google’s Picasa’s collages. But lucky me, I [Continued..]