Jan 312022

The Origami Society of Madras has started a recent project – to fold as many models as possible, based on a particular theme and post it on the group’s Facebook page. The theme is selected via voting and this month’s theme has been Dragons. If you go through my posts, you will quickly realize that I have a general aversion towards folding life forms – I have about 50 posts on lifeforms as opposed to [Continued..]

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Jan 252022
Modular from Unit Origami Fantasy

Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Unit Origami Fantasy’ is in Japanese, so I am not able to find the name of this model! Hence the generic title for the post As far as the model goes, this is a simple model, made from a windmill base. I used printer paper (80 gsm) for the units, which turned out pretty good for this model. I think if I had used regular 60 gsm origami paper, the model might not [Continued..]

Jan 212022
Chrysanthemum Globe

I am quite fascinated with Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Floral Origami Globes’ and after completing the Butterfly Kusudama, I didn’t waste much time, working on the next kusudama. This kusudama is the Chrysanthemum Globe Kusudama, assembled from 60 rectangles. Each unit is assembled from 2 rectangles – a base and the chrysanthemum, inserted into the base. The kusudama assembly is the basic sonobe assembly for 30-unit icosahedrons, but with a small difference. While the sonobe assembly [Continued..]

Jan 172022
Butterfly Kusudama

It has been quite a while since I folded modular origami and even longer since I folded any of Tomoko Fuse’s amazing creations. This modular kusudama is the Butterfly Kusudama (Type III) and is from the book ‘Floral Origami Globes‘. The model is made from 30 units and each unit is made from 2 rectangles. The fan-like section is folded into a base section to form 1 unit. I have glued the two parts of [Continued..]

Jan 152022
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, dear readers I haven’t been the most regular blogger these past few months, but I have been quite busy, making paper products, rather than working on origami! I make paper bags and pillow boxes and of late, this has been quite popular on my Facebook Page. So I have been inundated with orders to make these bags and boxes. In addition to this, I have also been working on my origami jewelry. [Continued..]