Apr 042020

Origami Hexagon Box and Lid We had recently been on a short trip to the sea, for the summer. And while doing some shopping, I came across this amazing shop, Casablanca, which had some fabulous wrapper paper in some awesome colours and patterns. So I ended up picking up a whole lot of paper and now I have enough to last me a lifetime!!

The cream and chocolate brown papers in this hexagon box were a couple of sheets I picked up there. The moment I saw the paper, I fell in love with it and have been trying to decide on the model. Finally I decided to make one of Tomoko Fuse’s beautiful boxes from her book on spirals.

The paper was thicker than regular origami paper, so the box turned out to be quite sturdy, though it required more effort in folding and assembling. The spirals were difficult because of handling 6 arms simultaneously but the end result was so satisfying that I just sat and admired the box for about half an hour after I had completed it!

Model Details:

Model: Hexagon Box

Creator: Tomoko Fuse

Book: Let’s Fold Spirals

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Classification: Origami | Box | Modular

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Number of Units: 6 for base and 6 for lid

Paper Size: 6 inches square

Origami Hexagon Box

  5 Responses to “Hexagon Box”

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  2. I love this pattern. Can you please tell me where I can get the pattern from so that I can make one?

    I can’t find “Let’s fold spirals” on Amazon….

    • Hi Beelore,
      I believe this book is no longer in print. I found mine in an obscure second hand shop. I will see if I am able to find the instructions online.

  3. I like your hexagon box lid it is superb but where is the I struction I am eagerly waiting to learn.

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