May 112021

Summer Craft Month Recently, I discovered a group of bloggers in Chennai (which is where I live) and they had a blog called Blogger Kootam, which literally translates to ‘a crowd of bloggers’. I have never been a part of a blog group, so was quite delighted to find them, further more because they are an arts-and-crafts group!

So, Blogger Kootam has a ‘Summer Craft Month’ for May, where you can craft/create based on Summer and they will feature the post on their blog. The only rule is that one needs to be a Chennai or South India based crafter/designer in order to participate. For further details on the craft month, check out their post.

And I thought that I would attempt an origami composition for the very first time! I wanted it to be a beach with boats and houses along the beach and here is what I finally managed to come up with :) I hadn’t realised that making a composition could be quite this time-consuming! Finalizing what I wanted to make was the simplest part of the process. I then had to decide on the size, then try out quite a few times to get the proportions right. Finally I set everything in place to complete the arrangement. So given the pains I took to get it done, I must say I am quite proud of it!! I think it has come out very well, thanks to some very useful suggestions from friends and some invaluable inputs from my sister-in-law, Jerusha :)

Origami Summer

If you want to give the composition a try, I have posted on most of the individual origami earlier. So do take a look :) The composition is made up of

  • Sun (this is actually a Kalami Star!!)
  • Catamarans
  • Beach houses
  • Ducks
  • Beach chairs
  • Tulips- This is the traditional origami tulip which I haven’t done a post on. But here is a link to a tutorial.

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  13 Responses to “An Origami Summer!”

  1. What a beautiful scene you have created!

  2. This is lovely Pearlie, will post it soon.Thanks for Participating. I hope more people will participate in it too.

  3. Very beautiful :) I wish you had put the dolls also on the recliner.

  4. I like the scene you selected. Turned out nice!

  5. How cool is that!
    Very creative! Not sure if i would have the patience to create something so detailed!!
    Visiting from the newbie party!

  6. Very cute and creative scene! You are very talented! I need to show your blog to one of my sons…he has recently developed an interest in origami. He will be so excited when he sees all the neat things you have on here! :)

    • Thanks Michelle, for your comments :)
      Great to know that your son likes origami. It is a fun art to work on!
      Do let me know if I can be of any help :)

  7. [...] is a time for beach-themed projects and challenges I think. Last year, I had made a summer-themed origami composition. This year, a Facebook group, called Chennai Crafters had a challenge for May, which comes to a [...]