Oct 122021

Handmade Envelopes with Little Hearts I am sure you are wondering whatever I have been doing for the past one month, without posting anything on the blog!

I have actually been quite busy working on quite a few pieces to put up in my online shop. While making the pieces haven’t been a problem, for some reason I am having quite a bit of trouble photographing them and posting pics on the blog!

One such is these little gift envelopes, made from copper gold and antique gold handmade paper and decorated with little punched decorations and origami flowers and hearts.

In this post, I have added the envelopes with punched decorations. I’ll post another one with the envelopes with origami decor. Else there are too many pics in one post, something I don’t like doing! Quite a few of these envelopes are actually sold out. And I haven’t been able to make more of them. Punching tiny little decorations isn’t that easy, I now realise! But a couple of them are still available. They are packed in set of 4, with 2 envelopes in copper gold and 2 of them in antique gold.

And of course, they are available at my online store at Paper N Pearlz.

  2 Responses to “Envelopes”

  1. Ya the envelopes are really nice and perfect. I have bought a few and used them to give cash gifts to some of my friends. They admired it and the envelopes add worth to your cash gift. So try…you’d love it.