Apr 102022

Miyuki Kawamura Origami Icosahedron Kit
The Icosahedral Kit is yet another of the Polyhedron kits from Miyuki Kawamura’s book ‘Polyhedron Origami’. In this modular origami, 2 kinds of modules are used – the Edge module and the Vertex module. The icosahedron kit is made from a total of 12 vertex modules and 30 edge modules – a grand total of 42 modules.

Double-sided paper works best, since the back of the vertices are visible through all those gaps. The modules are fairly easy to fold and assemble. I used glue as a precaution, but it is not absolutely needed. The size of the paper that I had used was 3 inches and it resulted in a fairly big icosahedron – about 6 inches in diameter.

Model Details:

Model: Icosahedron Kit

Book: Polyhedron Origami

Author: Miyuki Kawamura

Classification: Origami | Modular | Polyhedra

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 3 inches

Model Size: 6 inches diameter

Modules: 42

Tutorial: Youtube