Nov 072021
Braided Ring

Yet another design by Martin Sejer Andersen that I recently folded This was initially named ‘The Unnamed Ring’! and has recently been christened the Braided Ring. The ring is made from 14 modules. The modules start off with folding into fifths. So a template comes in handy. I quite like the little bits of colour (white in my case) that can be seen at the edges and at the centre of the ring. Btw, the [Continued..]

Oct 152021
Alpha Centauri Ring

I love folding wreaths and rings, especially the 3D variety. I have folded a few like the Mette’s Ring – 3D Variation, Sun Dial, Eifel Star. And I found this Alpha Centauri Ring, designed by Martin Sejer Andersen, a good and easy ring to fold. It is a 3D ring, made from 8 units. The fold starts with dividing the paper into thirds. You can of course, approximate it and fold, but much simpler to fold [Continued..]

Sea Urchin Star

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Dec 242020
Sea Urchin Star

The Modular Sea Urchin Star is a simple design, by Martin Sejer Andersen. Rather than a sea urchin, the model looks more like a snow-capped star, I think It is a fun model to fold, looks a little like the Bascetta but with much more slender arms. A total of 30 units are required. The units are folded from a rectangle with sides in the ratio 1:2. Folding the units is over in a jiffy. [Continued..]