Jun 042022
Mina Kusudama

While folding the origami Mina from my previous post, I realised that it resembled Mio Tsugawa’s Arabesque. Except of course, that for the arabesque the flaps are curled to give that rounded, softer look and we do not do that for the mina. That does not mean we cannot add those curls So that is what I did. And it turned out to be exactly like the arabesque. In fact, comparatively speaking, I found the [Continued..]

Nov 262021
Bow Ornament

I recently found these bow ornaments, while searching for Christmas ornaments. They were made from paper and looked very pretty! It basically involves cutting strips of paper, stapling them and forming the bows. I really wasn’t up to cutting so many strips, so thought I would attempt them with paper ribbons instead. And I think they have come out quite fine!  They are quite easy to do and I will put up a tutorial tomorrow, on [Continued..]

Floral Origami Kusudama Ornament

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May 032019
Floral Origami Kusudama Ornament

After completing the Floral Kusudama last month, I tried out the cube version. This is made up of 12 units, is of course, easier to assemble than the kusudama and makes a great combination for an ornament! I like the addition of orange in the petals, though it did not go too well with the kusudama while assembling the ornament. Model Details: Model: Floral Origami Kusudama Cube with Covered Bows Creator: Tomoko Fuse Book: Floral [Continued..]

Electra Ornament

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Mar 122019
Electra Ornament

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I wanted to make the electra into an ornament by adding a couple of cuboctahedrons.. I did manage to make one cuboctahedron, so created the ornament using these two. There is some grudge between me and the cuboctaheron! It never comes out well for me.. It always comes out looking a little squashed! Here is how the ornament looked like. The background is a lovely vase with [Continued..]

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