Apr 102021

More than an update, this is a post to say that I am aware that I have been tardy these past couple of months. There haven’t been too many posts on origami.

But! Not to worry.. I have some interesting stuff coming up. I am trying out LaFosse’s origami butterflies, the bestest butterflies that can be folded by an average folder. I have a couple of tutorials in the pipeline. One of those tutorials is to be featured in a friend’s blog. And another one is on making a simple paper bracelet. I had done a tutorial on one kind of bracelet, long long time ago, and I think it is time I made a different one for my daughter and her friends. So.. Multiple tutorials soon follow. In addition to origami and tutorial making, I have been trying my hand at crochet. I have learnt crochet from my grandmother when I was still in school. But that was a while back and I have decided to give it another go. So now, trying out granny squares and enjoying them quite a lot!

Do keep visiting, I am getting everything in place, so the blog will soon be a treasure trove! :)

 Posted by Oren Green