Rectangular Letter Holders

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Sep 212019

I have been trying out a few letter holders from Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Home Decorating with Origami‘. They are quite simple to make and turn out to be very useful. There are 5 of these letter holders described in the book and the one in lavendar in the picture is the first of them. A slight variation in the folding gives us the blue one with a little white band running across the holder. To [Continued..]

Bulldog Bookmark

Sep 142019
Bulldog Bookmark

Here is a little bookmark to work on when you have 5 minutes in hand The bulldog bookmark is designed by Christine Edison, well known for her intricate origami involving curves and pleats. Most of her origami is very complex, though she has also posted tutorials for some doable modular origami. The Bulldog Bookmark is one of her simpler designs. I really love how much it resembles a bulldog, complete with those hanging  jowls and [Continued..]

Nurse Page Marker

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Sep 032019

After trying out the Santa Page Marker, I decided to give the Nurse Page Marker a go. This is again made from the Page Marker Base described in David Petty’s book ‘Origami 1-2-3‘. The model should start with the white side up, in order to get the nurse’s face in colour and the rest of the nurse in white. Unfortunately I did it the other way round, so my nurse looks more like an Egyptian Pharoah, [Continued..]

Santa Page Marker

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Aug 282019

I know it is a bit early for an origami Santa Claus, but recently I have been trying out a few of David Petty’s origami models from his book “Origami 1-2-3“. An interesting book.. The origami gradually moves from simple to intermediate to complex models. The Santa Page Marker comes under the intermediate skill level. There is a common Page Marker Base that is described initially and the Santa is an extension of the base. [Continued..]

Aug 092019
Church Sale

The past few days have been a busy time for me, preparing for our church sale. I had made origami earrings and bookmarks and tiny bags to put the earrings in. And my sister-in-law had made cards, using some origami dresses and some other flowers and decorations that she had collected. She had also printed bookmarks and wall posters. And the big day was yesterday Our sale was quite good. We managed to make more [Continued..]