Nov 092019

The Icosahedral Star is a modular origami from Miyuki Kawamura’s book ‘Polyhedron Origami‘. The star is made from 30 Star Modules. The modules are quite simple to make and can be used to form quite a few other stars as well such as Cube Star, Octahedral Star, Cuboctahedral Star. Each of the pointed ends in the Icosahedral Star is made from 3 modules. 19 such points are required for the star. The model isn’t very [Continued..]

Week 03 (Day 01): Stars

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Nov 082019

This week’s origami is on Stars. With Christmas fast approaching, this seems a good time to start making various kinds of stars for decorations. The first is of course, the easiest of stars, the Lucky Star. These are very simple to make and can be done in a jiffy. All that is needed is a strip of paper in the approximate ratio of 1:25 and about a minute of your time and you are done [Continued..]

Oct 152019

The Square Silver Star from David Brill’s book ‘Brilliant Origami‘ is a part of the Three Wise Men group. It is a simple but elegant star and is formed form 12 squares. The assembly is also quite simple and the end result, quite pretty. I used handmade paper that I had and wanted to make a big star in hopes that it will be useful during this Christmas season. Hence used a fairly big 6-inch [Continued..]

Star Earrings

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Feb 272019

I have been trying out more of the star earrings.. Those are the easiest earrings to make I think and I love making these tiny little stars!

Jan 302019

This is an origami ornament that I had done a few months back, that kindled my interest in origami. It is a piece from Lew Rozelle’s book Origami Ornaments. The book describes a set of units (Base, Clip, Joiner, Hinge and Insert), which are combined to form modular origami ornaments. The ornament that I have done is called a star flower ball and is made of 6 bases and 8 joiners. The work is time [Continued..]

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