Nov 232019
Simple Modular Star

This is actually a very simple modular star, made from simple square bases. I had actually done this as a wealth-from-waste project, using some left over wedding invitations that my brother had given me. His invites were a gorgeous combination of red and white and I also loved the texture of the card. So I reused the card to make a simple star ornament. Just a bit of glitter and I was done. And I [Continued..]

Easy Froebel Stars

Nov 192019
Easy Froebel Stars

I had trouble making my first few Froebel Stars because I didn’t have strips of paper with me, so had to cut out those strips first. That is a very tedious process! And I almost lost interest in making these lovely stars. That was when I remembered that I had some paper ribbons with me. All I needed to do was cut out lengths of ribbons and I was ready to roll! So since then [Continued..]

Week 03 (Day 05): Omega Star

Nov 122019
Week 03 (Day 05): Omega Star

 The Omega Star by John Montroll is the same as this Omega Star, the difference being that the one by John Montroll is made from a single square of paper. This is of course, another popular Christmas decoration and looks good when made in any kind of paper. Instructions and video tutorials are available on the net, but when I had done it for the first time last year, I found it much easier with [Continued..]

Nov 112019
Week 03 (Day 04): Froebel Star

  The Froebel Star, created by Froebel Friedrich, is a 3-D star, made from 4 strips of paper. It is known by quite a few names including German Star, Moravian Star and Advent Star. It involves a little weaving and making a few loops.. These stars make lovely Christmas decorations. In addition, they also can be converted into baskets, crosses and whole lot of other things. To make them, many stars are made and then [Continued..]

Nov 102019
Week 03 (Day 03): Star of David

With Christmas fast approaching, I have started gathering ideas for an origami Christmas. Origami stars and christmas trees are on the top of the list and while searching for stars, I came across this Star of David, from Jun Maekawa’s book ‘Viva Origami‘. An interesting model to fold. It isn’t simple, but not too complicated either. It would take about 10 minutes or so to complete one star. Any paper and any size would do [Continued..]