Nov 112019

  The Froebel Star, created by Froebel Friedrich, is a 3-D star, made from 4 strips of paper. It is known by quite a few names including German Star, Moravian Star and Advent Star. It involves a little weaving and making a few loops..

These stars make lovely Christmas decorations. In addition, they also can be converted into baskets, crosses and whole lot of other things. To make them, many stars are made and then glued together to form various shapes.

Single sided paper does not look good for the star, as is apparent from this pic.. I think paper ribbons and scrapbooking paper will be excellent. In fact I am planning to make a few of them with paper ribbons. Also be sure to use paper strips in the ratio 1:25. On the whole, an easy and quick origami to make :)

Model Details:

Model: Froebel Star

Creator: Froebel Friedrich

Classification: Origami | Star

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Number of paper strips: 4

Paper Ratio: 1:28

Paper Size: 0.5 inches by 14 inches

Instructions: Mathematische Basteleien

Tutorial: Youtube

Origami Froebel Star - Half

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