Feb 062022

This month’s theme at the Origami Society of Madras is Boxes! Yay! Love it :)

So got cracking with this octagonal box by the ever-prolific Tomoko Fuse. I have this absolute fascination for boxes with spirals. I am always astounded by how beautifully elegant they look! So I worked on this spiral box from Tomoko Fuse’s ‘Let’s Fold Spirals’.

A couple of years back, I had completed yet another spiral box – a hexagon and I love that box. I still have it and it is still as sturdy as ever. The octagon box, though, isn’t as sturdy as the hexagon box because of the way it is constructed. This box is made from 4 modules for the lid and 4 for the base. And each module forms 2 sides of the octagon.

I had used 80 gsm paper (love the rather Christmassy look that the red/green combination brings in!) which gave stability to the box. Thicker paper should work much better though.

Model Details:

Model: Octagon Box

Creator: Tomoko Fuse

Book: Let’s Fold Spirals

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Classification: Origami | Box | Modular

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Number of Units: 4 for base and 4 for lid

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 5 inches

Model Size: ~ 4 inches across and 2 inches tall (including spiral)