Feb 112022

Paper Woven BowlOf late, I have been making paper reeds in the fond hopes of making bowl. I had previously made a paper woven bowl and after coating it with a mixture of fevicol and water, I have found it to be quite robust!

Since rolling the paper reeds was the most time consuming part of making the bowl, I have been making these reeds as and when time permitted. So finally, when I had about 100 of these reeds, I figured it was time to make my next bowl.

This bowl is larger and more sturdy than my previous one. I have still not learnt how to end the bowl! I had no clue what to do at the end, so finished it rather abruptly!

A lot more practice is required, if I wish to end up with a smoother, more refined finish. Starting the bowl requires more precision. It is difficult to hold all the strands at the beginning and as a result, the beginning isn’t very smooth. The sides were pretty easy to do, except for the end of course :) Over all, am neither happy nor unhappy with my effort.

If you would like to give these paper weaves a try, this video should be of help. The language is not English, but the video is still very useful :)

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