Week 07 (Day 03): Heart Earrings

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Mar 162020

Paper hearts are really great to make! They are simple and however badly you end up making them, they still turn out great And they are the next earrings that I try.. The green heart earrings, with the green bead at the bottom of the collage, is the one I made for my sister-in-law. She has this amazing sense of colour and I am absolutely hopeless! And she had suggested this combination and I am [Continued..]

Week 07 (Day 02): Leaf Earrings

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Mar 152020

The leaf earrings are made from a single rectangular piece of paper, which is pleated to give the leaf-like shape. Pleating such a small piece of paper requires some practise, so it is best to try it out on a relatively larger piece of paper before progressing to smaller bits. As with all paper earrings, these make great accessories. I feel these look great in autumn colours such as yellow and brown and greenish yellow. [Continued..]

Week 07 (Day 01): Earrings

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Mar 142020

For the seventh week, here are some lovely earrings. These earrings are fun to make, light weight and can be completed in about an hour or two, depending on the complexity of the earring. And I love making these earrings for my daughter, my family and my friends. I also make some for selling in church sales.. The uniqueness of these earrings really set them apart. Since they are made from paper, the designs are [Continued..]

Week 06 (Day 6): Valentine’s Day Ring

Feb 122020
Week 06 (Day 6): Valentine's Day Ring

Valentine rings are quite popular during this season and here are a couple of origami rings to make this time extra special for your sweetheart The ring is designed by Hiroshi Kumasaka. It is made from a square. In order to make a ring that fits you well, add 2 cms to the circumference of your finger. So if the circumference is 6.5 cms, add 2 to make it 8.5 cms. I converted this approximately [Continued..]

Aug 092019
Church Sale

The past few days have been a busy time for me, preparing for our church sale. I had made origami earrings and bookmarks and tiny bags to put the earrings in. And my sister-in-law had made cards, using some origami dresses and some other flowers and decorations that she had collected. She had also printed bookmarks and wall posters. And the big day was yesterday Our sale was quite good. We managed to make more [Continued..]