Apr 182022

This month has been a busy time for me, getting ready for the event I had posted about yesterday. And here is what I have been working on.. These heart earrings are a favourite of mine. And I have been making quite a number of them. Most of them have a little dangle and are about 5-6 cms in height. My daughter insisted that I make a few smaller ones too – she is very [Continued..]

Apr 172022
The Little People's Festival

The Little People’s Festival is a fun day out for kids & their family. A day long festival in a quaint gallery & garden. The event will feature … A POTTERY WORKSHOP and an ARTS & CRAFTS CORNER offering a fun range of hands-on art & craft projects by some super fun & talented folks. The Little People’s Festival will also feature a MARKETPLACE of great picks & easy buys for kids & their family [Continued..]

Feb 042022
Valentine Day Earrings

Did you know that the traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper? Well, with Valentine’s Day so close, I ended up collecting my favourite paper heart earrings, a unique gift for a unique day. I remade a few of my heart earrings for my daughter. The purple ones turned out to be her favourite and the right size for her She even proudly modelled them for a photo for my shop, Paper N Pearlz [Continued..]

Aug 062021
Church Sale 2012

This year’s sale in our church was on the 5th of August. This special sale is actually in celebration of harvest and is usually celebrated in all churches during the months of August and September. The idea behind it is that, we should give our best to the Lord for His love and kindness throughout the year. Similar to Abel of the Old Testament in the Bible, we strive to give the best of what [Continued..]

Butterfly Earrings

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May 162020
Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly earrings are not very easy to make, but the earrings that result from them are quite beautiful. Well, what else would you expect from a butterfly? I liked the green earrings that I made. I had included green butterfly beads as well and loved how the whole thing turned out! Another of my earrings that I ended up keeping with me, since I couldn’t bear to part with them!