Mar 272019

Palm Weaving - Cross According to the Scriptures, Palm Sunday represents the day that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. People lined up on either side of Jesus and shouted ‘Hosanna’ and placed their robes and palm leaves on the road, in front of Jesus.

And every Palm Sunday, it is a tradition in our church to go on a procession around our church block waving palm leaves and singing hymns. As kids, as soon as we got the palm leaves, we used to make them into crosses and weave them into hanging ornaments.

So, since tomorrow is Palm Sunday, I thought I would write a short tutorial on making these crosses. The cross is simple to make and can be completed in a jiffy. I know, it  isn’t origami :) but actually palm weaving. But that doesn’t mean one can’t try it out, does it?

So here goes..


Step 1: Place the palm leaf so that the broader end is at the lower end and the narrow end is at the top

Step 2: Fold about a third of the leaf forward.

Step 3: Next, fold the leaf at right angles to the previous fold. The top bit forms the upper part of the cross, so depending on how big you want that part to be, you can make the fold. There are no fixed measurements, everything depends on whatever looks good to you :) You might want to place a paper clip at the fold if it becomes difficult to hold it in your hand.

Step 4: Fold the leaf back and towards the opposite side. The cross will look good if this length is equal to the upper part of the cross. Again it is only a rough estimate, no hard and fast rules here..

Step 5: Fold again from this end towards the opposite side. Again, it is best if this side, the opposite side and the upper part, all are of equal length. This forms the basic cross. All that remains is using the rest of the leaf to hold all the folds in place.

Step 6: For holding the folds in place, fold the leaf between the top and the right arm of the cross. Take it over the back and bring it in between the left arm and the lower end of the cross.

Step 7: This is how the back of the cross will look like now.

Step 8: Fold the leaf to the other side and take it back in between the top and left arm of the cross.

Step 9: And at the back of the cross, an ‘X’ shape will be formed.

Step 10: This is enough to hold the folds in place. So to complete the cross, just insert the rest of the leaf into the other folds, or you can make a couple more fold to hold it more securely and then insert the remaining bit into the rest of the folds.

Step 11: And there you have your completed cross. This is the back…

Step 12: And the Front.

Well, I hope you enjoy making these crosses.

And as we move into the Holy Week, may God’s grace be with us.

Origami Details:

Model: Cross

Origin: Traditional