May 282021
Masu Box Lid - Tutorial

After the tutorial for making the masu box, here is the tutorial for the lid The lid is made from a square the same size as the base. In spite of that, it needs to be slightly larger than the base so that it fits well. And I like my lid to be of a lesser height, so that it is easy to open the box. So with a few changes to the masu box, [Continued..]

May 242021
Masu Box - Tutorial

When I had posted these masu boxes earlier, a friend of my mother’s, a very creative lady herself, had remarked on my Facebook page that these boxes very amazingly beautiful Well, that gave me quite a high! And got me busily working on the tutorial that I had promised in the post. On an aside – If you have followed my previous tutorials, I usually make them from Google’s Picasa’s collages. But lucky me, I [Continued..]

May 222021

This wreath is from David Petty’s book ‘Origami 1-2-3‘. I have previously tried out a few projects from this book and promptly lost it! That is, till I found it during some house cleaning This modular piece sounded interesting, so I tried it out. But as per the design, the wreath does not end with pointed ends. The ends are folded down into the neighbouring module to form a kinda blunted wreath. Check out the [Continued..]

May 192021

When Divya N of Jewels of Sayuri contacted me asking to feature me on a world-wide blog hop tour called ‘Creating Success around the World’, I was quite thrilled! I have never been featured or interview anywhere, so it was great to be contacted for the feature The purpose of the blog hop is to introduce new bloggers to others and it is hosted by 5 bloggers across the world. The feature was on 16th [Continued..]

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May 162021
Elephant Bookmark

I have previously made a butterfly bookmark designed by Grzegorz Bubniak. And today, I tried out his elephant bookmark, which clearly shows an elephant’s head. It is quite easy to make out the ears, trunk and tusks. I like the colour change in the tusks. The bookmark works best with duo coloured paper – grey and ivory would be the most ideal colour choice, in which case the elephant would be in grey and the tusks [Continued..]