Apr 192021

Carmen Sprung must be one of the few origami artists who uses paper in ratios involving square root(√) values! One of the previous Carmen Sprung’s designs that I had worked on was the √3 Schachtel, which used paper in the ratio of x:√3x.

The Mennorode Star uses paper in the same ratio ie., x:√3x. In the diagram, she has also explained how to get this size, from a square sheet of paper. The design is a modular star, made from 12 units.

At least 2 colours are required to bring out the pattern in the completed star, and to avoid confusion while assembling it. It is suggested that multiple colours be used when assembling the star for the first time. This is helpful in order to clearly see how the arms fit together.

Though the star is pretty easy to assemble, the instructions are not that simple. And it isn’t in English either, so I put google’s translate services to good use :) OrigamiNut has posted a video on Youtube with a tutorial for folding and assembling the units, which, unfortunately, I discovered after I had completed the star. The tutorial should make the job fairly easy I think.

Model Details:

Model: Mennorode Star

Creator: Carmen Sprung

Creator’s Website: Carmen’s Origami Site

Classification: Origami | Star | 12 Units

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: x:√3x

Paper Size: 2.9 inches by 5 inches

Modules: 12

Instructions: Carmen’s Origami Site

Tutorial: Youtube.com

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