Dec 122020

Simple Modular Star While origami kusudamas and other modular oriami pieces are great decorations for Christmas, one must admit that they are not the simplest of decorations to work on. They are usually time consuming and, in my case, unless I start preparing for Christmas at least a month in advance, I find that I have very few pieces to decorate my house with.

That is where paper crafts help me out a lot! Paper craft decorations usually include glue and cutting and snipping but they are simple to make and I can get my daughter to help me out as well!

One such is this modular star that I had done last year. I had also meant to post a tutorial but never got around to it. With Christmas around the corner, now is a great time for this tutorial! I hope you enjoy making this star :) Here are the instructions (Click on the picture for a larger one)

Simple Modular Star - Tutorial

What is needed:

1. 5 or 6 squares of paper – about 4 – 5 inches is ideal for a Christmas Tree. Thick paper is the best for making these stars, preferably card stock. 5 squares will give a 5-armed star and 6 would result in a 6-armed star.

2. Glue

3. String

4. Glitter, colours, paints, anything else that can add beauty to the star


1. For each of the squares of paper for the star,

2. Fold in half, left to right, and unfold

3. Fold in half, bottom to top, and unfold

4. Turn the paper over

5. Fold one diagonal and unfold. Turn the paper over again

6. If you press the center of the square, the paper will start to fold down by itself, along the diagonal and the folds of steps 2 and 3.

7. Flatten down the folds to form a square. This is a square base in origami.

8. Repeat for the other 5 or 6 squares

9. Place one square base on top of the other and clip them together

10. Continue clipping the squares for the remaining pieces. Add the string in between 2 square bases.

11. Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, apply glue to each of the clipped surfaces – ensure that glue is applied to the whole surface, else there will be a big gap in the middle of the star. Apply some extra glue to the string to hold it securely in place. Clip the glued star till the glue dried completely.

12. Decorate the star to your heart’s content and hang on your Christmas tree!

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  1. That’s an awesome Christmas ornament! Thanks for the great instructions.