Jan 062020

Well, it is way past Christmas, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t post a tutorial to make Christmas paper globes :) These globes are among the simplest ornaments to make and can be a good craft for turning waste into wealth. I have reused a lot of Christmas greetings, left over card stock, to turn out these pretty globes.

Now on to the tutorial:

What is needed:

  1. 20 cards – either greeting cards or card stock. I prefer greeting cards, since they add a lot of colour and bring out the Christmas spirit.
  2. Something to draw a circle from. I usually use a cup with a circular mouth.
  3. Glue or stapler. Stapler works just fine if you are using greeting cards and the pins are hardly visible. If solid colour card stock is used, then glue will be better.
  4. Glitter, rubber stamps or anything else that takes your fancy and can be used to decorate the globe.

Tutorial - Paper Globes


  1. Using the circle, cut out 20 circles from the greetings/card stock
  2. Next, fold an equilateral triangle into the circle. The easiest way to do it is (A little too much maths, but do drop a line if it isn’t understandable and I will help out):

a. Cut out a circle, the same size as the other 20, onto another paper
b. Draw one diagonal – folding the circle in half will mark the diagonal
c. With a length equal to the radius (half the diagonal), and with the centre as one end of the diagonal, mark two points on the circumference of the circle, on either side of the diagonal
d. Join these two points and the opposite end of the diagonal to form the equilateral triangle. Fold along these lines to get a template for folding triangles in the other circles.

  1. Once you have folded the triangles, take 5 of the circles, and join together, either glueing or stapling them as shown in the picture. You will need to make 2 such sets. They form the top and bottom of the globe.
  2. For the centre of the globe, join the remaining 10 circles in a straight row so that alternate triangles face the same side.
  3. Form a circle from this by joining the ends together.
  4. You are almost done :) Once the circle is formed, 5 tabs can be seen, where one of the sets made in Step 3 will be stapled/glued.
  5. Do the same on the other side and you are done.
  6. Decorate the globe using glitter, rubber stamps, ribbons, buttons and anything else you like. Add a loop to hang it by and you are done :)

I had made one for my brother and sister-in-law who were celebrating their wedding anniversary yesterday. Happy anniversary guys :) I had reused their left over wedding cards (they had quite a few left out and I just love the card – amazing texture!) and I was quite pleased with the outcome :)