Jun 072022

The origami buckyball is the representation of the Buckminster Fullerene molecule – a stable form of carbon. The other 2 are, of course, diamond and graphite. Some interesting facts about the buckyball: The buckyball family is an allotrope (different forms of an element – here, carbon) of carbon, very different from diamond and graphite. The buckyball is made from 60 atoms of carbon (C60) The shape resembles a football – 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons [Continued..]

Jun 042022
Mina Kusudama

While folding the origami Mina from my previous post, I realised that it resembled Mio Tsugawa’s Arabesque. Except of course, that for the arabesque the flaps are curled to give that rounded, softer look and we do not do that for the mina. That does not mean we cannot add those curls So that is what I did. And it turned out to be exactly like the arabesque. In fact, comparatively speaking, I found the [Continued..]

Jun 032022

The origami Mina is a modular origami designed by Enrica Dray. The model is a dodecahedron, assembled from 30 squares of paper. The individual modules are pretty easy to fold. Assembling is done without any glue. Once you slide a flap into a pocket, it holds very well and taking it apart gives trouble. So the model is very stable and does not require any glue at all. There are 2 ways to assemble the [Continued..]

May 292022
A Remake - Little Turtle Kusudama

One of my favourite modular origami is Tomoko Fuse’s Little Turtle Kusudama. I had made them a couple of years back, using beautiful, vibrant paper. I had a workshop coming up and wanted to remake this model, since my previous kusudamas have been distributed long back! While previously, I had using paper that had colourful flowers on a white background, this time I wanted to go with a softer tone. And I quite like the [Continued..]

Hacky Sack

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Feb 072022
Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack is a footbag game played by 2 players. The origami hacky sack is an angled modular made from 30 units. The design is by Winson Chan. The modules are not too difficult to fold. The assembly is slightly more complicated and the end result is a very solid sphere that does not require any glue. The sphere is assembled in modules of 3 and then joined together into pentagons. And joining 30 units [Continued..]