Jun 042022

Origami Mina Kusudama While folding the origami Mina from my previous post, I realised that it resembled Mio Tsugawa’s Arabesque. Except of course, that for the arabesque the flaps are curled to give that rounded, softer look and we do not do that for the mina.

That does not mean we cannot add those curls :) So that is what I did. And it turned out to be exactly like the arabesque. In fact, comparatively speaking, I found the mina easier to assemble than the arabesque.

For this model, I worked with shades of orange and I am quite delighted with the outcome. Since I had orange yarn, I ended up making a tassle and converted my kusudama into an ornament. The problem is, I am so in love with the ornament that I have no intention of hanging it anywhere and allowing it to get dull or dirty! So it is already packed and kept safe, to be taken out only for special occasions and exhibitions :)

Model Details:

Model: Mina

Creator: Enrica Dray

Website: Origami Modulari

Classification: Origami | 30 Units | Polyhedron

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 3 inches

Model Size: 4 inches in diameter

Diagram: Origami Modulari

Origami Mina Kusudama

  4 Responses to “Mina Kusudama”

  1. Very pretty!

  2. Hi Pearlie,

    I really am very impressed and love the stuff you’ve posted here… Where is your store located? And do you teach Origami?

    • Hi Priya, thank you so much for your comments :)
      I sell at Indiebazaar.
      Right now I don’t teach but soon I do plan on it. Will keep you posted :)