Oct 152021

Origami Alpha Centauri Ring I love folding wreaths and rings, especially the 3D variety. I have folded a few like the Mette’s Ring – 3D Variation, Sun Dial, Eifel Star.

And I found this Alpha Centauri Ring, designed by Martin Sejer Andersen, a good and easy ring to fold. It is a 3D ring, made from 8 units. The fold starts with dividing the paper into thirds. You can of course, approximate it and fold, but much simpler to fold a template and use that to fold the other modules. The Youtube tutorial (link towards the end of the post) clearly demonstrates the way to go about it.

A great Christmas decoration I think. And with Christmas fast approaching, I think I should get busy making these in Christmas colours :)

Model Details:

Model: Alpha Centauri Ring

Creator: Martin Sejer Andersen

Creator’s Links: Flickr!, Youtube

Classification: Origami | 8 Units

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 2.75 inches

Model Size: 2.5 inch diameter

Modules: 8

Tutorial: Youtube