Feb 092022
Heart Dish

This heart dish is a modular dish, made from 4 squares. An apt origami for Valentine’s Day I thought. I am not able to find out the creator of this model. The youtube tutorial that I referred to, mentions that it is Tomoko Fuse, but unfortunately I am not able to find this model under her name on the Origami database. And well, whether the creator IS Tomoko Fuse or not, it is still a [Continued..]

Jan 142022

I don’t usually fold animals or birds, because they are usually quite difficult to fold! But this little sparrow was a delight to fold. I also liked the look of it. It doesn’t look like a real sparrow, more like the cartoon version, with a nice long tail and a pair of jaunty wings. The sparrow fairly easy to fold, though I did get stuck in the third step initially. For those trying out for [Continued..]


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Jan 092022

As a kid, I was an avid Enid Blyton fan. And as such, was quite familiar with mushrooms and gnomes and fairies and elves. So when I came across this origami mushroom, designed by Matt Slayton, well naturally, I had to fold it! I had initially tried it with orange momigami paper. It came out well, but I think the wrapping paper in red with white dots makes a better mushroom. 3-4 inch squares result [Continued..]

Jan 082022
Gift Box

This gift box, designed by Robin Glynn, is yet another of his economical designs. The entire box, including the closure at the top, is made from a single square of paper. A 6-inch square gives a small box (about 2 inches in size, 1 inch in depth) that would be a good size for a ring, or a pair of small earrings. A bigger square, say 8 inches, results in a slightly bigger box, about [Continued..]

Jan 012022
Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year, dear readers! I hope this new year is a blessing to all of you. So I wanted to start off the new year on the blog, with a beautiful project. I was working on a complex origami, which wasn’t turning out to be much of a success! So I ended up putting it aside, incomplete for now, and instead started working on an easier (but more time consuming!) project, namely a paper [Continued..]