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And finally, I managed to complete the tutorial for the snowflakes from this post. I have put up 2 snowflakes – the cream one is very simple and the pink one is more complex. The tutorial is for a moderately complex snowflake. The same principle will apply for both these snowflakes.


1. Strips of paper – the preferable width of the strips is 0.5 to 1 inch. The smaller the width, the more delicate-looking the snowflake will be. The length can vary anywhere from 5 – 10 inches. The size of the snowflake will be slightly lesser than the length. 5-inch- strips will result in a 4.5-inch-sized snowflake. For smaller snowflakes (like the one in this tutorial), regular printer paper, quilling paper, wrapper paper works fine. For bigger snowflakes (lengths greater than 8 inches or so), thicker paper is best, else the snowflake will not hold the shape. Scrapbooking paper is ideal. If only thinner paper is available, roll the paper a couple of times to add body and then use it.

2. Glue or glue dots

3. String to hang the ornament by

Instructions (Click on the pictures for a more detailed one):

Snowflake Tutorial 01

1. Each snowflake is made from 2 halves, each of which contain an odd number of strips places horizontally and vertically. This snowflake contains a total of 20 strips which are split into 10 strips of each half of the snowflakes. Of the 10, 5 will be placed horizontally and 5 vertically. If you want a simpler snowflake, then use 3 horizontally and vertically (That will total to 12 strips in total). For the simplest calculation, decide on the number of horizontal strips and multiply by 4.

2. Separate the strips into 2 sets of 10 strips each

3. Fold the strips in half, don’t crease too hard – you just need to mark the approximate center of the strips

4. Place 2 strips, one vertical and one horizontal and glue in place.

5. Place 4 more strips, interweaving them so that they look like a mat and glue it down. If you are making the simpler snowflake, you can go to Step 7.

6. Place the last 4 strips, interweave and glue.

7. Twist the 2 strips that are perpendicular to each other, place one on top of the other and glue in place.

8. Repeat for other strips. Remember to twist the strips in the same direction for all of them, else your snowflake will not look right! For the simpler snowflake, go ahead to step 12.

9. Take the second strip and place on the glued down part of the opposite strip. Twist this strip in the same direction too.

10. Repeat for the other strip. Ensure that these are also interwovenm similar to the centre.

11. Repeat for all the other strips. You will end up with a flower-like shape with the centre strips sticking out.

12. Keep aside this half and repeat all the steps for the other set of strips. You will end up with the 2 halves of the snowflake.

13. Keep one half with the twists facing up. Turn the second half, so the twists are facing down, rotate by 45 degrees and place on top of the other half. The reason for rotating this half is so that the centre strips can be inserted into the centre of each of the twisted corners. Insert and centre these strips – flatten the snowflake a little and glue down the centre strips. Add a string while glueing down one of the centre strips.

14. Once the glue is dry, trim the edges for a clean look and your snowflake is ready for your Christmas tree :)

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  1. Wow! Thanks for wonderful instructions!
    Happy Holidays!