Jan 102021

A few days back, I discovered a blog, Craftzy, and am quite thrilled by the discovery! So I wanted to go into more details of the blog and the blog author.

The blog’s author is Sarah Jacob, a very versatile craftster, who works on a variety of crafts ranging from paper crafts, to card making, to beading and handmade jewellery. She is also great at baking and has posted a few recipes too..

I love the jewellery she makes, a sample below. Some more of her earrings here.

This is a very cute Christmas card that she had posted recently.

So do be sure to check out her blog and keep in touch. She has some great plans for this year and I am looking forward to some great posts from her :)

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  3 Responses to “Craftzy – Crazy About Crafts”

  1. Thank you so much Pearlie :) I am very honored and glad that you like my earrings…I have made more of them – just need to take pics and post….

  2. that jewellery looks amazing might have to check it out