Jun 012020

Origami Star Box This box, designed by Robin Glynn, is a 6-sided star box. It is a good box to work on; I rather liked the way the 2D module is turned into a 3D piece! The modules link well together. The lock for the base is slightly difficult to do, but it ensures that no glue is required.

The box should be done using stiff paper. Else it doesn’t hold the shape well. Solid colours, in alternate colours, would be better for the box I think. But I can never forgo a chance to use wrapper paper, so that is what I used :)

Model Details:

Model: Star Box

Creator: Robin Glynn

Creator’s Website: Robin’s Origami Page

Classification: Origami | Boxes | Modular

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Number of Modules: 6 for base and 6 for lid

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 5 inches

Instructions: Origami.com

Tutorial: Youtube (Base and Lid)