Beach Chairs

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May 042021

Beach chairs are, I am sure, great to use on a summer day and beach chairs are equally great to fold on a very hot summer day! These beach chairs are courtesy of Yoshihide Momotani, from his amazing book ‘Doll Houses with Origami‘. Every time I open this book, I am tempted to make one of those beautiful doll house rooms! And this time, I was able to complete these chairs, from the garden scene. The [Continued..]

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May 032021

A catamaran is a boat with two structures that are joined together by a frame. It is a stable boat and quite fast as well, and is a common sight on seas and beaches, especially during summer. The origami catamaran is yet another great design to fold on a hot summer day. The design is by Maarten van Gelder. The sail is in a different colour than the rest of the boat, so paper with a [Continued..]

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Leaf Card

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Apr 242021
Leaf Card

  This origami leaf card is folded from an A4 or A5 paper. The leaf design is formed by pleating the paper. Paper with print on one side and solid colour on the other works well for design. The only issue was that, I would have loved it if the leaf could have been made from the same print, rather than the solid colour. But if I interchanged the colours, the inside of the paper [Continued..]

Feb 112021
Valentine Day's Heart Box

Our wedding anniversary is near and I wanted to see if I could make something myself for my husband. I was browsing to see if there were heart boxes I could try out and came across this lovely box on Flickr! The creator of the heart box is Natan Lopez. I understand that the diagram for the model will be published in the magazine ‘4 Esquinas’ but am not sure when it is to be [Continued..]

Feb 062021
Love Letter

Francis Ow, the specialist in origami hearts, is the designer of this origami letter. The letter is pretty easy to fold and makes a great gift for Valentine’s day, though I don’t know how easy it will be to fold it back to the original shape, once unfolded! Will require some practise I think. The heart doesn’t really show till it is locked into place, by inserting it under the triangular tab at the top [Continued..]

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