A catamaran is a boat with two structures that are joined together by a frame. It is a stable boat and quite fast as well, and is a common sight on seas and beaches, especially during summer.

The origami catamaran is yet another great design to fold on a hot summer day. The design is by Maarten van Gelder. The sail is in a different colour than the rest of the boat, so paper with a solid print on one side and print on the other is great.

I had some trouble when I folded this initially, at Step 7 of the diagram, where the model is collapsed into shape. I had thought that the creases from Steps 3 to 6 were only for the top layer. I discovered, after fighting with Step 7, that the creases for the layer below as well!

Model Details:

Model: Catamaran

Creator: Maarten van Gelder

Website: Homepage Maarten van Gelder

Classification: Origami | Objects

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 7 inches

Model Height: ~ 5 inches

Model Width: ~ 4 inches

Instructions: Maarten van Gelder – Diagrammed Models


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