Jun 242022

Paper earrings If you are wondering if I have abandoned the blog, well, that isn’t happening any time soon! But I haven’t been making a lot of origami per se. More of origami jewelry and experimenting with paper – what paper to use for what, size – what size is good for adults/children, design – what design is easy to work on and so on and on.

And the result of those experiments are the earrings and the bracelet. The butterfly earrings, I have found, are liked by children, but are much too large for them. So now I need to figure out a good size for kids. And folding such small sizes isn’t a lot of fun either. And requires practise. The wreath earrings are also adult sized and I absolutely love them!  I have made them in a variety of colours and these are my favourites.

Coming to the bracelet, this was a complete experiment. And I am quite pleased with the result :) I have wanted to make these bracelets for a long time, but never did find the toggle clasps, till recently. Unfortunately my length measurements were off target, and the bracelet is a little small for adults but will fit a child perfectly – much to my daughter’s delight! More bracelets on the way..

And I also ended  up making a rose ring – a tiny little kawasaki rose, fit on a ring base with a little pearl at the centre. I have posted it on my FB page (link in the side bar). So, if you are curious, take a look and let me know what you think :) I admit it does require a little tweaking though. Folding a kawasaki rose from such a tiny square requires more practise than I have had.

I put the ring through a stress test by mistake – washed my hands while wearing the ring, but thankfully I had glazed it before. The ring got completely drenched, so I set it aside to dry fully. And wonder of wonders, once dry, absolutely nothing happened to the ring! So if you are worried about buying paper jewelry, do remember that they are pretty water-resistant once glazed and if you do get them wet, just allow them to dry completely before using them again.

  6 Responses to “Paper Jewelry”

  1. Hi Pearlie, I have always liked your butterfly earrings :) I often wear those ones that you had given me earlier :) Great to see the star bracelets – I would like to order one from you :) Can you make me one in a red and gold combination or a cream and gold combination??

    • Hey Sarah, you still have those earrings? That is great!
      Would love to work on the star bracelet with either of the combinations. Will mail you the details :)

  2. Your origami jewelry is beautiful! I’ve also found that paper (once sealed or glazed) is really surprisingly durable for jewelry. (Occasionally I also use something called Paverpol. It was originally for fabric sculpture, but it helps to stiffen and strengthen paper nicely too.)

  3. your blog is nice and i like the thought of your paper jewellery idea. You have a exclusive design of earnings & bracelets that i like them most. I would also like to share some more design.

  4. Wow really very super..
    Your paper works is really cute and precious…
    Thanks for share this article…….