May 102021
Square Spiral Box

I love folding spirals and I think the queen of origami spirals would be Tomoko Fuse! So since it has been a long time since I folded boxes with spirals, I tried out this little 4-sided box, from her book ‘Let’s Fold Spirals‘. This box is the second of the 2 square boxes and is a pleasure to fold. It took me about 15 minutes to complete the full box, pretty fast I think. I [Continued..]

Apr 142021
Pleated Boxes

I am not sure of the creator of these origami pleated boxes. My guess would of course, be Tomoko Fuse. But I am not able to find any reference to the box in any of her books. Unfortunately I do not remember where I learnt to fold this either. And I do not remember the name of the box either. Since it has got a whole bunch of pleats, I just call it the pleated [Continued..]

Feb 112021
Valentine Day's Heart Box

Our wedding anniversary is near and I wanted to see if I could make something myself for my husband. I was browsing to see if there were heart boxes I could try out and came across this lovely box on Flickr! The creator of the heart box is Natan Lopez. I understand that the diagram for the model will be published in the magazine ‘4 Esquinas’ but am not sure when it is to be [Continued..]

Jun 032020
Week 09 (Day 11): Enneagonal Box

The Enneagonal or Nonagon box is a nine-sided box. This one is pretty easy and is designed by Dennis Walker. The folding rather resembles Tomoko Fuse’s box, I felt. I wasn’t able to find any specific folding for the lid, so I assume the base can be made with a little more height than the lid. I was just too plain lazy to fold the lid as well, so here is just the base  Model [Continued..]

Jun 022020
Week 09 (Day 10): Heptagon Starry Pinwheel Box

A heptagon or septagon is a 7-sided polygon and this box contains 7 sides. The design is again, by Tomoko Fuse, from her book ‘Joyful Origami Boxes‘. The folding is somewhat similar to the hexagon box I had folded earlier. The main difference is in the way the angle is decided for a heptagon. Since the box has an odd number of modules, I think it looks better if made from a single solid colour [Continued..]