Pyramid Box

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Mar 082019

These super cute pyramid boxes are easy to make and look different from the traditional square or rectangle boxes. This looks especially cute when the box and the lock are done in contrasting colours. It would make an ideal gift box for presenting chocolates and other small things. Just add a string/loop at the top and you have a lovely box that can be hung from a Christmas tree perhaps. And the locks can be [Continued..]

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Jan 212019
Triangular Boxes

Tomoko Fuse is probably the queen of origami boxes and my favourite origamist. So I had recently bought yet another of her books, ‘Fabulous Origami Boxes’. While browsing through the book, the triangular boxes caught my attention. I think they are better looking than the usual square boxes. These boxes are made of 3 modules and are quick to make, not more than half an hour. Solid coloured paper will best bring out the folds. [Continued..]

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Lamp-shaped Bowl

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Jan 062019
Lamp-shaped Bowl

This Japanese lamp shaped-bowl, is another Tomoko Fuse’s creations from her book, ‘Fabulous Origami Boxes’. The bowl can also be made into a series of nesting bowls by folding nearer or further from the centre. It also has a lid that can be made with or without knob at the top. I felt the bowl and lid looked best when using patterned paper instead of a single coloured paper. And the bowl I have made [Continued..]

Jan 042019
Cake Box

This origami cake box by Tomoko Fuse, is one of the earliest boxes that I folded. It turned out to be an elegant box and was not too difficult to fold either. The dome comes out very well, without any creases and the little flower-shaped knob at the top adds to the beauty. Not only is the cake box beautiful to look at,  it also makes a fully functional cake box! The box shouldn’t take [Continued..]

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