May 102021

Origami Spiral Box I love folding spirals and I think the queen of origami spirals would be Tomoko Fuse! So since it has been a long time since I folded boxes with spirals, I tried out this little 4-sided box, from her book ‘Let’s Fold Spirals‘. This box is the second of the 2 square boxes and is a pleasure to fold. It took me about 15 minutes to complete the full box, pretty fast I think.

I had used fairly sturdy paper (4*4 memo paper) to fold it, so the end box was also quite sturdy. I like the shape – the length is greater than the usual origami boxes. The spiral also gives the impression of an even lengthier box. And the slanting lines add a great touch.

Altogether a delightful box to fold :)

Model Details:

Model: Square Spiral Box

Creator: Tomoko Fuse

Book: Let’s Fold Spirals

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Language: Japanese

Classification: Origami | Boxes | Shells and Spirals | 4 Units

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 4 inches

Model Size: ~ 2.5 inches tall (the spiral adds half an inch) and 2 inches wide

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  1. pretty box!