Jul 242022
Quick and Easy Modular

Yet another simple modular origami made from a waterbomb base. This one is even named ‘Quick and Easy Modular” The model looks complex but it is fairly simple to make. Reminds me of the origami spinner. The modular is made from 6 units which are pretty easy to fold. The modules lock well and require no glue. Yet another project for beginners to modular origami! Model Details: Model: Quick and Easy Modular  Creator: Heather Shida Classification: Origami | 6 Units [Continued..]

Jul 202022
Magic Circle

I am always on the lookout for some easy origami to teach my daughter. And when I find modular origami that she can do, I am doubly delighted. So yesterday, I happened upon this beautifully easy modular action origami, the origami magic circle and of course, had to immediately fold it. It is so simple that it took me all of 15 minutes to fold and assemble the 8 modules! Each module starts from a [Continued..]

Jul 162022
Icosahedron from Triangle Edge Modules

I have not been the most active blogger these days, mainly because I am experimenting with paper jewelry and well, that is pretty time-consuming. But I do regularly update my Facebook Page, so if you have not taken a look, do drop by Though I enjoy making paper jewelry, there is nothing like folding a good solid modular origami to get one back in the blogging game! This modular icosahedron is a fairly easy model [Continued..]

Jul 052022
Traditional Lotus - Revisited

My daughter has recently become very keen on recycling and reusing whatever she can. So when I was recently asked to make a few origami lotuses, she came up with the idea of making literary lotuses! And we are both delighted with the way the lotuses turned out. We initially tried a complete literary lotus – that is, the flower and the leaves were an old book paper. But our second attempt – book paper [Continued..]