Jul 052022

Origami Traditional Lotus - in literary paper

My daughter has recently become very keen on recycling and reusing whatever she can. So when I was recently asked to make a few origami lotuses, she came up with the idea of making literary lotuses! And we are both delighted with the way the lotuses turned out. We initially tried a complete literary lotus – that is, the flower and the leaves were an old book paper. But our second attempt – book paper lotus with green copy paper leaves were more to our liking.

One thing I did find was that, the book paper is much thinner than the copy paper – which meant pulling out the petals had to be done with more care, else we risk tearing the paper. And since the paper was thinner, the literary lotus turned out a little smaller than the one made entirely from copy paper.

Model Details:

Model: Lotus

Origin: Traditional

Classification: Origami | Flowers | Modular

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Rectangle

Paper Size: 3 inches by 5.2 inches

Model Size: ~ 4 inches in diameter

Tutorial: Youtube

Origami Traditional Lotus