Apr 172022

This month’s theme at the Origami Society of Madras is a little different from usual. This month, we are working on a theme author instead of a theme object. And the author we have voted for is the grand-master of origami – Akira Yoshizawa. The beauty of Akira Yoshizawa’s models lie in the simple, elegant lines of his fold. His genius is evident in the way he captures an animal or an insect with the [Continued..]

Apr 152022
Kusudama Spiral

The kusudama spiral, which looks to me to be less of a kusudama and more of a modular design, is created by Irina Krivyakina. The design is very similar to Tomoko Fuse’s spiral origami. In this design, the 6 sides of the cube are first assembled individually and then put together using connecting units. Each side of the cube is made up of 4 units which are folded together to form the spiral. A total [Continued..]

Apr 132022
Palm Sunday 2014

I love Palm Sunday. I love making palm crosses, palm decorations. And I love the message of Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. So what is this Palm Sunday? And what is the significance of this day? Towards the end of Christ’s time on the earth, just before he was crucified on the cross, on Palm Sunday, Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a borrowed donkey’s colt. A vast crowd followed him – this [Continued..]

Apr 032022
Truncated Icosahedron

The truncated icosahedron is another of Tomoko Fuse’s modular creations. This is from her book Unit Polyhedron Origami. The model is fairly easy to do. It rather reminds me the origami football I had folded nearly a year back! The model is made of a combination of hexagonal flat units and connecting units that connect the hexagonal units. Usually modular units have a pocket and a tab – each tab fits into its adjacent unit. But in [Continued..]