Jul 172022
Petals, Type II Kusudama

With Tomoko Fuse’s lecture and workshop coming up this weekend, I decided to try out another of her popular designs – the Petals Kusudama (Type II). The kusudama is made from 30 units. Each unit has a base and an inset, which is folded into the base. The units are assembled like a sonobe. The kusudama holds well even without any glue, though, since I wanted to make it into a hanging ornament, I ended [Continued..]

Jan 212022
Chrysanthemum Globe

I am quite fascinated with Tomoko Fuse’s book ‘Floral Origami Globes’ and after completing the Butterfly Kusudama, I didn’t waste much time, working on the next kusudama. This kusudama is the Chrysanthemum Globe Kusudama, assembled from 60 rectangles. Each unit is assembled from 2 rectangles – a base and the chrysanthemum, inserted into the base. The kusudama assembly is the basic sonobe assembly for 30-unit icosahedrons, but with a small difference. While the sonobe assembly [Continued..]

Jan 172022
Butterfly Kusudama

It has been quite a while since I folded modular origami and even longer since I folded any of Tomoko Fuse’s amazing creations. This modular kusudama is the Butterfly Kusudama (Type III) and is from the book ‘Floral Origami Globes‘. The model is made from 30 units and each unit is made from 2 rectangles. The fan-like section is folded into a base section to form 1 unit. I have glued the two parts of [Continued..]

Floral Origami Kusudama Ornament

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May 032019
Floral Origami Kusudama Ornament

After completing the Floral Kusudama last month, I tried out the cube version. This is made up of 12 units, is of course, easier to assemble than the kusudama and makes a great combination for an ornament! I like the addition of orange in the petals, though it did not go too well with the kusudama while assembling the ornament. Model Details: Model: Floral Origami Kusudama Cube with Covered Bows Creator: Tomoko Fuse Book: Floral [Continued..]

Floral Kusudama

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Apr 222019
Floral Kusudama

I have been trying out one of Tomoko Fuse’s designs from her book, ‘Floral Origami Globes‘. And it has taken me quite some time to complete it, five days to be precise! Not something that should be attempted if you wish to complete your origami quickly. The model is made from 60 rectangles, 30 for making the pyramid units and 30 for the bows that are seen in between those little pyramids. After making these, [Continued..]