May 222021

Origami Wreath This wreath is from David Petty’s book ‘Origami 1-2-3‘. I have previously tried out a few projects from this book and promptly lost it! That is, till I found it during some house cleaning :)

This modular piece sounded interesting, so I tried it out. But as per the design, the wreath does not end with pointed ends. The ends are folded down into the neighbouring module to form a kinda blunted wreath. Check out the next picture for the actual wreath – the one in yellow is the way to go. The pointed end one is not very stable and needs to be glued in place if you actually want to use it somewhere.

I used regular copy paper, cut into 2 inch squares. It resulted in a pointy wreath measuring about 4 inches in diameter and a blunted wreath about 2.5 inches in diameter.

The most curious thing for me, about this wreath was that it requires 13 units! I have never come across another model that required 13 modules :) For the blue one, I did add 14 modules though – it was just a tad more stable with 14!

Model Details:

Model: Wreath

Creator: David Petty

Website: Dave’s Origami Emporium

Book: Origami 1-2-3

Author: David Petty

Classification: Origami | Christmas | 14 or 13 Units

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 2 inches

Model Size: ~ 4 inches (blue) and 2.5 inches (yellow)

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