Jan 282019

Quite a few origami baskets are very simple to make and have a utilitarian value as well. And since my last post on baskets, a few of my friends wanted me to try out some simple baskets. They are pretty new to origami, so keeping it simple was my aim.

The first basket I tried out was this simple Easter basket. It comes complete with a handle. Glue the handle in place so that it can be used to carry little eggs.

Origami Easter Basket

The next is a very cute Pointed Basket that I found on Youtube. I loved making this one, since it was quite easy to make, but it should be creased properly and accurately. It looks good when made with a big piece of paper. I used a square of 10 inches for this one. Rather than a regular basket, I think this will make a great bread basket.

The last basket that I tried was one that we had done as kids. We used to use these bags to carry small stuffed toys. Quite easy to make. But we do need to use glue for this, so can’t be considered as pure origami, I guess. I am not able to find a tutorial, so I will post one soon..

Model Details:

Model: Baskets

Classification: Origami | Baskets | Easter

Difficulty Level: Simple

Paper Ratio: Square


Easter Basket: Youtube.com

Pointed Basket: Youtube.com