Mar 162019
Wide Basket

The first time I saw pics of this basket on google, I badly wanted to make it, but couldn’t find the instructions anywhere. And when I finally found them a few days back on bloomize (link below), I just had to try them out and they came out quite well too.. These baskets look best when made in double sided paper. The basket at the back is made from white hand made paper, quite a [Continued..]

Jan 282019
Simple Baskets

Quite a few origami baskets are very simple to make and have a utilitarian value as well. And since my last post on baskets, a few of my friends wanted me to try out some simple baskets. They are pretty new to origami, so keeping it simple was my aim. The first basket I tried out was this simple Easter basket. It comes complete with a handle. Glue the handle in place so that it [Continued..]

Jan 122019

Carry your Easter eggs in this little flower basket, that comes complete with a handle too! This flower basket is made from 2 squares of paper. One forms the basket and the second one is cut into quarters and each of them for each of the 4 centre petals. The basket can be made with or without the handle. If the handle is included, it needs to be inserted into the centre petal. It might [Continued..]