Mar 162022

Origami Angelfish The Origami Society of Madras, of which I am a part, is a Facebook group, made up of origami enthusiasts in Chennai (Madras of yore). So a few days back, there was an origami folding challenge on the theme, ‘Aqua’ ie., any origami that is related to water can be folded – shells, fish, frogs etc. The event will be coming to an end on 17th March. Well, I only recently came to know of this challenge but life has become quite hectic recently, so I wasn’t sure I would be able to participate. But I did find some free time this weekend, so set about figuring out what to fold, what paper to use and how to fold.

John Montroll’s book ‘Origami Under the Sea‘ came in quite useful and I finally decided to fold the Angelfish from the book. It turned out to be quite challenging for me, especially the final few steps which included the final shaping of the fish, the pleating. I had used banana paper, a thin but strong and crisp handmade paper, but in spite of that, the final fish was quite thick. I ended up wetting those thick folds to shape the thin fins and pleat the other 2 fins.

So, here is my angelfish :) I am quite happy with the result and might even screw up enough courage to try out the complex models from the book! Soon.. Hopefully in the near future!

Origami Details:

Model: Angelfish

Creator: John Montroll

Website: Origami by John Montroll

Book: Origami Under the Sea

Author: John Montroll and Robert Lang

Classification: Origami | SeaLife

Difficulty Level: High Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper size: 6 inches

Model size: 2.5 inches across and 3.25 inches fin-to-fin