Dec 202019

 With Christmas hardly a week away, don’t you think it is time I made some Christmas trees?? Well, I thought so too :) So here is a week of Christmas trees for you to try out. All the trees are simple or intermediate ones and are real fun to make.

The first Christmas tree is one of the very famous origami Christmas trees and was created by Makoto Yamaguchi. The base is made slightly different from the rest of the trees. For the tree, you will need squares that gradually decrease in size. For this one, I started with a 6 inch square, followed by 5.5 inch square and so on. The last square was 3.5 inch square.

The biggest tree I had made started with a 15 inch square. It came out quite fantastic and last Christmas, it was the centre piece on my table.

You can further decorate the tree by adding small origami, glitter (I had used glitter and you can see it if you look closely) or ribbons.

Model Details:

Model: Christmas Tree

Creator: Makoto Yamaguchi

Classification: Origami | Christmas | Multi Units

Difficulty Level: Low Intermediate

Paper Ratio: Square

Paper Size: 6, 5.5, 5, 4.5, 4 and 3.5 inch squares

Instructions: Origami Christmas Trees

Tutorial: Youtube

Origami Christmas Tree 01