Boutonnières – Lavender and White

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Nov 162021

My sister-in-law and I have been experimenting with boutonnières made from paper flowers. A friend’s daughter’s wedding was fast approaching and she was asked to make these for the bridal party. I have never made boutonnières before and I have no clue about working with natural flowers! So we ended up working with artificial paper flowers. A few flowers, some strings of beads, some spirals, ribbons and I think we ended up with some pretty nice boutonnières. We even [Continued..]

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Oct 292021

I am sure most of us have tried our hand at weaving paper mats, at least when we were kids. I have made quite a few paper mats and then moved on to making little bowls by using the same technique. Recently, my sister-in-law, whose office is eco-friendly, wanted me to try using newspapers to make an eco-friendly waste paper basket for her office. It appealed to me very much, so I got to work [Continued..]

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Jan 102021

A few days back, I discovered a blog, Craftzy, and am quite thrilled by the discovery! So I wanted to go into more details of the blog and the blog author. The blog’s author is Sarah Jacob, a very versatile craftster, who works on a variety of crafts ranging from paper crafts, to card making, to beading and handmade jewellery. She is also great at baking and has posted a few recipes too.. I love [Continued..]

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Dec 202020
Snowflakes Tutorial

And finally, I managed to complete the tutorial for the snowflakes from this post. I have put up 2 snowflakes – the cream one is very simple and the pink one is more complex. The tutorial is for a moderately complex snowflake. The same principle will apply for both these snowflakes. Materials: 1. Strips of paper – the preferable width of the strips is 0.5 to 1 inch. The smaller the width, the more delicate-looking [Continued..]

Dec 172020

These great snowflakes are a must for Christmas I think! They are made from strips of paper and aren’t very difficult to make. A tutorial follows