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Jun 012019

The Kimono is the traditional Japanese garment worn by women, men and children. The origami kimono is actually a simple one, that can be easily completed in a few minutes. The Kimono, when not in used, is T-shaped and the origami kimono looks quite a bit like the original kimono. They are quite adorable when done in traditional washi paper, which usually has very colourful prints. But wrapper papers also work quite well for this [Continued..]


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May 222019

These baby booties, designed by Katsushi Nosho, are easy to make and look very pretty. They would look lovely as decorations or favours for a baby shower. The booties are held together by a bow, just like real booties! I made these from 8 inch squares and they turned out to the size of a new born baby’s foot! But, don’t try it out on a baby though The booties can also be strung together [Continued..]

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