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Apr 142019

The Sunburst is the first origami that I have tried out from Meenakshi Mukerji’s book ‘Ornamental Origami’ and I must say it is simple to make and very elegant looking too. This is also the first model in her book and is under the ‘Windmill Base Models’ section. I tried both the 3-unit and the 6-unit versions. Unfortunately I was not able to photograph the 3-unit version. The 6-unit version looks more dense and I [Continued..]

Quick Kusudama

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Apr 092019
Quick Kusudama

As kusudamas go, this is a very easy kusudama to make and one that beginner origamists would be delighted to do. Usually kusudamas imply a lot of folding, generally about 20 to 30 units, followed by assembling those units.. So lots of time and patience would be required. This kusudama, though, is made from just 6 squares of paper and should be over in less than an hour. The design is by Nina Ostrun. Any [Continued..]

Spiral Star

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Mar 262019

 The spiral star is very elegant, intricate-looking origami which is surprisingly easy to make. Assembling the piece is quite easy if you use a cheat’s way out.. some paper clips to hold the sides together The modules start with a bird base. They are then twisted into spirals and then the modules are attached along the arms. I loved the colour combination of red and white that I had chosen for this piece. And I [Continued..]

Japanese Brocade

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Jan 152019

The Ishibashi Ball, better known as Japanese Brocade, is created by Minako Ishibashi and is a variation of the Sonobe unit. It is a relatively easy model to complete and can be made using 6, 12 or even 30 squares! The Japanese Brocade makes a beautiful ornament and when made small enough, it can even be made into earrings. The one I had tried was the 6-unit brocade. I first used 4-inch squares, then 2 [Continued..]

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