Buttonhole Flowers

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Jul 232021

For some reason, origami flowers have quite often eluded me! I never could get them to look as they were supposed to and ended up failing to make them. But I really do want to give them a go, so I have started to make a few of them. I started with the traditional buttonhole flower. The design is simple to do, starts with a square base. Getting the final shape is another matter altogether! [Continued..]

May 112021
An Origami Summer!

Recently, I discovered a group of bloggers in Chennai (which is where I live) and they had a blog called Blogger Kootam, which literally translates to ‘a crowd of bloggers’. I have never been a part of a blog group, so was quite delighted to find them, further more because they are an arts-and-crafts group! So, Blogger Kootam has a ‘Summer Craft Month’ for May, where you can craft/create based on Summer and they will [Continued..]

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Dec 242019
Week 04 (Day 05): Christmas Tree Variation

This Christmas tree variation is based on the Spiky Christmas tree. It looks the same as this tree but the variation is that this one does not require any glue to hold it together. The spiky tree, the other hand, does require glue to ensure that it maintains the tree shape. The no-glue part is achived by using an open sink at the top of each the branches, except the top most one. The sink [Continued..]

Week 04 (Day 04): Fir Tree

Dec 232019
Week 04 (Day 04): Fir Tree

 This model is a fir tree rather than a Christmas tree, but I think it resembles a Christmas tree quite well. The model is designed by Pietro Macchi and is of intermediate difficulty. The difficulty is in a sink at the beginning of the model. Other than that, it isn’t a difficult piece. The instructions also give the paper size to be used. I found it useful using the same size or the same proportions. [Continued..]

Dec 222019
Week 04 (Day 03): Christmas Tree

Continuing on my Origami Christmas Trees, here is another tree that resembles the Christmas tree. This one is slightly more complex than the last one I had posted, but when I had first seen pics of this tree, I fell in love with the “leafiness” of the model and had to try it out immediately. The instructions upto Step 12 is the same as the last Christmas tree, but after that it gets more complicated [Continued..]