Jun 142022
Kawasaki Rose

The Kawasaki origami rose is something every origamist tries. I too did. But my first attempt, about 3 – 4 years back, was not much of a success and that put me off roses. But recently, there was a post in one of the Facebook groups I belong to, with pictures of their origami roses. So I decided to give it another go. I started with a 6 inch square and ended up with a [Continued..]

Jan 202020
Week 05 (Day 04): Cube from Corner Modules

After Meenakshi Mukerji’s Cube variations, I gave some other cubes a try. The one in this is by Kunihiko Kasahara and is formed from 8 corner modules and 6 linking modules. The modules are quite simple to make and are made from half a square. So a total of 7 squares of paper are required to complete the 8 + 6 modules required for the model.Steps are clearly presented in his book Amazing Origami. I [Continued..]